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Welcome to Concepts In Motion

Concepts In Motion is a Maintenance Management Company serving the Printing industry. It is equipped to Broker comprehensive parts and service to the Web and Sheetfed Printing industry across Canada.

We take a clients parts, consumables, chroming, plating, coating and machining requirements and work with a network of professional vendors (OEM and aftermarket) in Canada and USA to obtain competitive pricing, quality and service to ensure that their needs are met.

We can offer complete parts bundling services which include crating, shipping and brokerage.

Our goal and commitment at Concepts In Motion is to provide the highest quality products at competitive pricing that will help our customers become more efficient, achieve higher quality and increase profitability by reducing issues in their processes and applications.

"We are Authorized Canadian Distributor for Shinoda USA Inc. products. We specialize in anti-marking, anti-static and friction free materials"

Green Frog™ ICP Anti-Marking Transfer/Delivery Jackets

Green Frog jackets utilize our specially formulated Triple Silicon Coated High Performance ICP-S material and are specially designed to adapt to most all Heidelberg…

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ICP-S “High Performance” Anti-Marking Film

Backing: ICP-S Anti-Marking Film is available in adhesive and non adhesive backing
Life Expectancy: Typical applications, 3 to 6 months between..

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ICP-NS ” Enhanced” Anti-Marking Film

*Backing: ICP-NS Anti-Marking Film is available with non adhesive backing
Life Expectancy: Typical applications, 2 to 4 months between …

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ICP “Standard” Anti-Marking Film

Backing: ICP Anti-Marking Film is available with or without a pressure sensitive adhesive backing
Life Expectancy: Typical applications, 1 to 3 months between…

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